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How about more than a cursory introduction?

How about more than a cursory introduction?

Hi! 👋

My name is Charles Thompson and I’m terribly sorry if you’re tired of seeing this name or my not so hilarious tweets. I only promise you more of each.

Okay, okay so myself? I’m a Junior Web Developer, and what that means to me is: I play a lot with beginner code and do a lot of web development "things" but in all, haven’t really done anything substantial. I’ve done a few projects here and there , but you know, they’re all playground stuff.

I’m also a design enthusiast and I only started saying this to look cool but eventually trapped myself into actually liking design. Design means a lot to different people so I’ll clarify the particular type I’m interested in later.

I live in Accra, Ghana. A developing West African Nation about to take on the world. I attended University of Ghana for my parents and Sikkim Manipal University - DE for myself. LOL etcetera etcetera.

I’m very interested in systems, processes and the meta details of how things become what they are (borrowed this sentence from someone who accurately said what I've been trying to say, so I borrowed). I'm also the biggest science and technology aficionado alive with an even more honest way of saying it being: I’m addicted to technology and don’t think staring at screens 24/7 is a bad thing. That said, you’ll be surprised to know Black Mirror (and Game of Thrones 😉) are my all time favorite TV shows and I’m open to discussion about them any time of the day! Oh, I almost forgot, there's nothing I love more than an episode of Hello Internet. Yes, I'm a Tim :)

Find me

I limit myself to 140 characters over here , upload nice selfies for the love of my life to see here and do emails via thompsoncharles@live.com.

Okay, alright, that's enough for an introduction, right? I'll flower it up later when I really want to work at Google or something but until then, I hope this has been fun.

Charles Thompson.